Ethical Sourcing & Design

Athlicity is a US based business located in Gainesville, Florida. Women make up 50% of our leadership team. Our clothes are designed and tested in the USA and sourced from multiple countries including Pakistan & China.

Small Business Promise

As a small business here in the USA, our goal is to work with and support as many other small businesses as possible. When sourcing, we look to work with small business and woman-owned sewing and production facilities wherever possible, and use this same philosophy when it comes to packaging and materials.

Fair Labor Practices

The fair labor movement has gained steam around the world and rightfully so. Employees and staff of any business should receive fair pay for their location that allows for a good quality of life. Athlicity is committed to spreading this philosophy here and abroad in other countries we work. This is our plan throughout our supply chain, from raw material sourcing, to production, to distribution. We take our business relationships seriously, including gyms and promotional partners we work with. If you have any concerns about any one of our advertising partners, retailers, or supply chain companies, please make us aware. 

Environmental Certifications

As a new company, we are working toward multiple certifications to demonstrate our factories use technology that is clean and green, and that our clothing is made free of harmful chemicals. We have begun the process to work with bluesign, a globally recognized certification partner and complete solutions provider that analyzes processes from factory manufacturing impact, clothing material sourcing, all the way to supply chain processes to ensure they are environmentally friendly. As that process takes time and is ongoing, we will provide updates.