About Us

Athlicity is a Gainesville, Florida based fitness apparel company. Our founding members are Becky, Allyssa, John, and Jason.

Becky and Jason are both weightlifters and Becky is a professional competitive dancer as well. Allyssa and John are both competitive bodybuilders. John has the distinction of being 100% vegan, proving you don't need meat to make gains.

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John and Jason met during COVID in 2020 and began W8TRAIN, a company geared toward functional and fashionable fitness equipment. They met Becky and Allyssa later and began working in fitness apparel.

In their fitness and professional journey together, they came to realize the need for fully functional fitness clothing designed, tested, and worn by athletes. Being from a university town, keeping price within reason was equally important.

Athlicity was launched as a line for both men and women, and brings stylish clothing that is functional for all types of athletic movement, including weightlifting.

Every individual's fitness journey is unique, and our clothing represents that. Whether you want to show off your gains with bright clothes and less material, or hunker down in the leg room with a heavy hoodie, we have something for you. October 2022 marked our first web site drop, and more styles are coming soon!

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